Try Its: A Great Way to Get Hydrated and Gingerbread-Laced Protein

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daaaaang. How are these so good? What in god's name are the folks over at Glaceau putting in this water? Happiness. Happiness is what they're putting in there, I tell you. Here's the downer - you're paying roughly $1.50 for water (if you get it on sale). So I treat myself to about two per week because, shoo, I start to feel bad not only for paying that much for tasty water, but using that many bottles. Regardless, YUM.

Yes. I know Clif bars can be boring. But I exercise like whoa roughly 3 times per week and if I don't eat something protein-y and hearty beforehand, I vomit. That's right. I barf. So protein bars for me need to be tasty, none of that sawdust nastiness they try to pass off as food. Enter the Clif Iced Gingerbread. These should be illegal.

I have several new recipes to share, but for some reason (you know, besides being my own fault), my pictures didn't translate property when I emailed them here to work.

(Yeah. Sometimes I blog from work. I bet you're reading this from work, so there.)

I have to say, I carried on the veganism. 100%, no. I'm not giving up dairy, I'm just not. But I feel better when I don't consume as much of it, or it's cousin, meat. Oh, and I've also lost 6lbs. Holler.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for posting on my blog!! I completely agree with you about the cheese!! I love it so much!! By the way, I LOVE gouda too!!!