One Mean, But Clean Burrito

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For the life of me, I cannot figure out what is wrong with my camera. The pictures I take turn out bright white and overexposed. Not good for food photos. If you have suggestions, please email me.

Another bummer? After a glorious 9-mile run last Saturday, I seem to have royally pissed off my IT band. Which appears to be necessary for running. Oh, and walking. Someone called me Quasimoto today. Lovingly...but still.

So while I wait for my old, exercise-driven self to come back, I'm eating even healthier than usual. I'm cutting out most dairy and pasta and sticking to fruits and vegetable bases. Luckily, with this burrito, I don't have to sacrifice taste. To vegan-ize this recipe, replace the sour cream with tofu cream.

Clean, Mean Burrito (makes 1 burrito)
adapted from The Kind Diet

Whole wheat wrap (easy to find in the tortilla section)
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1/2 cup pinto beans, cooked (just use the canned ones, perfectly acceptable)
2 TB fresh cilantro
Chopped scallions, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes
1 Tsp fat free sour cream, or tofu cream

Mix ingredients and wrap 'em up. Add about 1 Tb of cheese if you want. It's that easy, it's that tasty, and it's that healthy. I served mine with a side of strawberries and raisins.

I bet you're dying to know what I'm currently chowing down for dessert. Glad you inquired! I recently made a trip to My Tea Shelf's online tea boutique to order a few ounces of loose leaf tea. Just to try out. I'm impressed! With flavors like "Sol y Luna," vanilla coconut and "Mango Marshmallow," it would be nearly impossible not to find something you like. With my "Cocoda," I'm munching on Dr. Lucy's Sugar Cookies.


Caity said...

I just ordered 4 different teas from My Tea Shelf, thanks for the new source of yummy teas :) We need to figure out when we can get together soon.

Khadra said...

I love cilantro and avacado, but you sort of lost me at tofu cream lol! Sour cream it is!

Anonymous said...

Can't go two days around here without a burrito of some sort. Not having luck with the whole wheat, though. They don't last as long, and you really need to be careful overstuffing them. Then again, that's good advice for all matters: be careful when overstuffing!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the recipe, its help me soo much!