I Just Bought $60 Worth of Coffee Beans

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No joke.

I took myself (well, myself and my rather adorable pug/rat terrier, Klaster) to the gorgeous, California coastal town of Mendocino. Holy retreat, people. Not only do I recommend the dog-friendly Inn at Schoolhouse Creek, I'm going to tell you right now - if you don't hit Moody's Organic Coffee Bar in downtown Mendocino, you really shouldn't bother going at all.

I'm seriously in LOVE, L. O. V. E. with their Rendezvous blend. I bought a bag after casually asking the barista (is it baristo for a man, or what?) for a recommendation. I have never had coffee this good. Evah. So I sent Bill at Moody's an email practically begging him to ship me some.

He did. Bill's real sweet. Five bags later (and like $6 shipping, not too sure how Bill pulled off that one), I am a very happy girl. Seriously. Either go here or buy a bag and call for an order to be shipped tell ol' Bill that Faith from Sacramento is plugging him like crazy.


SmartAssMom said...

Love the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek! And we don't even have a dog. :)

Sprouted Kitchen said...

ah, yes. quite familiar with finding a good thing and then buying it in mass quantities in case you can NEVER find it again. I'm sure it's a great purchase!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Yum! Coffee...now I want some pronto!