Must Try It: Two Leaves and a Bud Green Tea

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm not green tea's biggest fan. I find it bitter and akin to the taste of dirt. I'll admit right here, right now that I used to eat ants when I was child, but that was mere practice for future, adventurous culinary endeavors. By the way, those little bastards will bite (who wouldn't if they knew they were about to take a wee journey to the Land of Stomach Acid?).

Back to my original point, drinking this Japanese brew has always been a chore, but the various benefits associated with it (potential cancer-fighter, antioxidant-rich) kept drawing me back. Shoot, it claims to stave off dementia. I feel like I'm headed down that road five out of the seven days of the week - why not keep my sanity a bit longer?
Two Leaves and a Bud's Orange Sencha Green Tea is much less bitter and has a touch of citrus. Plus, their web site is cool. And really, that stuff matters.


Susan H said...

I agree, Faith, HATE green tea. And Chai, too, but that's another story. I will give this tea a try. Thanks.

Butterflies and Monkeys said...

Tetley has a pomegranate green tea that is also less dirt-like.

Anonymous said...

Always seemed to me like one of those things that folks only pretend to like because they're supposed to. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm all for self-deception in the name of personal growth!

Khadra said...

Oh no Laura, I hate Tetleys Green tea...but I like green tea, so maybe if Lauren doesnt like green tea that would be the one to try.

that was fun huh?