Must Try It: A Savory Dressing and a Healthy(ish) Snack

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This starts a new little part of I Pray to Gouda...the "Try It" posts. As I continue on a journey of leading a more healthy lifestyle, I pick up ideas from other blogs or while on a hunt at The Nugget that either to turn out to be really good or damn bad (I'm still trying to put that Tofurkey grossness behind me.

Along with Clif Mojo bars, Vitamin Water , Sandwich Thins and tasty teas, here are two more products I think you just might love. I know my cold, dead heart does. Annie's Shiitake & Sesame Drrssing is organic, lowfat and plain fabulous. I'm hoping to use it as a marinade soon. Two for da price of one, baby!

Popchips? Popchips are A.MAY.ZZIING. Not baked. Not fried. 2010 is all about poppin', baby. I will say that the plain Popchips are a bit salty for me, but I love them regardless. My main problem? I can't find half of their flavors in the stores. I'd love to try the Parmesan, or the Salt and Pepper, or the Cheddar...but even in my California metropolitan city, I can't get my dang hands on the things. Sigh!


Laura En Espana said...

Hi Faith,

They have Salt and Pepper at the Co-op. Bonus: they're on sale this week! Didn't see Parmesan or Cheddar there.

Hope all is well,


Faith, the Authoress said...

Thanks, Laura! I'll head there this week.